A Word About the Canon EOS 5D Successor

Interesting bit just tossed our way by the Canon rep when we asked about a 5D follow-up, slightly paraphrased: The EOS-1Ds line (their full-frame pro DSLRs) is on a three-year upgrade cycle. The 1Ds Mark II came out in 2004, and the Mark III dropped in 2007. The EOS 5D came out in 2005.

Draw your own conclusions.



Why curse Canon? 2005 + 3 = 2008, if you couldn't figure the answer to Phineas J. Whoopie leading question.

If you buy a 5D, you will probably be happy until you look at whatever comes next. The 5D rocks. The 5D will rock harder (some things like sensor cleaning, auto focus, ISO noise reduction, and better menuing will probably appear in the line, duh!).

If you are dropping the Canon line for the Nikon line, you are obviously chasing the D700, not the D3.

I have enough quality Canon glass, and a damn fine D-SLR as it is. I will wait and I will look long and hard at the 5D successor, but I'm sure I am going to buy it and get my lenses operating at the FF level again.