ABT DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30 Solve HDTV Lag Problem for Console Gamers

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No matter how fast your twitch reflex, lag has always been a problem with gaming, and now it's even more so with the advent of HDTV. When you're playing a gaming console through an HDTV, it just takes too long for the HDTV to process incoming images without unacceptable lag that ruins your gaming. Here's the best solution yet for that problem, the DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30 from Anchor Bay Technologies (ABT), along with a 102D Precision Deinterlacing Card. Put these together and you have a device that can reduce that upscaling lag time down to the single-frame level.

You'd better be serious about your gaming if you're going to get into this league, though, because a package with either the VP20 or VP30 and that super-fast add-in card installed will run you $1899 or $2198. If that's too steep for you, wait a while—the company says it might release a single-chip system that could bring the price of this technology down to the reach of mere mortals.


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