AC/DC: Hells Bells

At long last, you can purchase AC/DC's complete discography on iTunes. The band is one of the last massive hold outs that have refused until now to sell their rocking jams through Apple's music megamall—probably because their entire catalog continues to sell extraordinarily well in physical formats. After Michael Jackson's Thriller, AC/DC's Back in Black is the bestselling record of all time with some 50 million units sold.


Maybe it's a sign that the times have truly changed when the most profitable (and stubborn) bands finally jump to digital. Hell, even The Beatles have been on iTunes for over a year. Sadly, AC/DC isn't even all the way across the digital divide: You can stream "Hells Bells" on Spotify, but you still can't get the original recording from Google Play or Amazon MP3. [iTunes/Spotify]



Also a great band for testing out your new home theater system... F**k yeah!