The American Medical Association along with a bevy of other health care organizations have regularly told the court it needs to leave the ACA’s zero-cost preventative care provisions intact. The organizations have argued that easy access to preventative care has saved lives, and its repeal would leave even more folks confused about navigating the morass that is the U.S. insurance industry. The AMA’s amicus brief from the end of last year mentioned that doctors “will see many of their patients, including some of their most vulnerable, turn down medically indicated services because of the very financial barriers that Congress sought to remove.”


According to a January 2022 report from the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, more than 150 million people with private insurance can receive free preventative services under Obamacare. That also includes people on Medicare and Medicaid. Some individual states still have laws on the books that allow more access to preventative services, though the vast majority, most of the middle-America and southern states, do not.

It is likely that the case will be appealed, and the ruling could be put on pause while the appeal is litigated.