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On the beach in Hawaii? Stuck in traffic? In line at Starbucks? You never know when access to your computer will come in handy. Some say the iPhone isn't for business. But LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone users disagree.

A recent survey of 400 LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone users reveals that over 65% are accessing their work computer with their iPhone. Perhaps even more amazing, 57% say they now ditch their laptop in favor of carrying their Apple device (and the LogMeIn app) at least half the time.


The survey results are revealed in a new eBook now available from LogMeIn, "Hey, that guy is running his laptop from his iPhone."

The eBook also shares true-life stories of iPhone users, from doctors to mountain climbers, who successfully used their iPhone and the LogMeIn app to stay connected and productive, no matter where work or life takes them.

Get the eBook here.

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