When you stop to think about it, it's crazy that the brake and accelerator pedals are so close together, with an accidental command being the difference between getting from A to Z, and wrapping your car around a tree.

This new pedal, invented by 74-year-old Japanese factory-owner Masuyuki Naruse, only accelerates when the side of the pedal is pushed with the side of a foot. If pushed down as we do currently, the car would brake instead.


After 100-odd years of pressing down on a pedal to go faster, it could be pretty confusing to suddenly have a new method of accelerating, but Naruse has already signed up 130 car-drivers to test his pedal out, which he's been working on for 20 or so years.

The price of exchanging the current system of a car for Naruse's contraption is the equivalent of $1,156, and he's hopeful, of course, that a manufacturer such as Toyota will take him up on his offer of testing it out. [NY Times]

Image credit: NewsObserver

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