Acer's new tablet, the Aspire Switch 12, claims to be five devices in one—though you may find some of them rather more useful than others.

Like most convertibles, the Switch 12—the bigger brother to Acer's previous Switch 10—works as a tablet and a laptop. It also flexes a little more, folding into a display (with its screen facing out to watch things) or a tent (with its screen facing up and out to use the tablet on a table).


But it also allows you to unclip the keyboard and use it as a... well, an all-in-one desktop PC. Pictured above, it's probably the best desktop ever if you're very, very small.

In terms of specs, the Windows machine features a 1080p screen, Core M processor, 60GB or 120GB of solid-state storage, micro-HDMI out, and micro-USB 3.0 for peripherals. It will be available in North America from "early 2015", but pricing is yet to be announced. [Acer]