ActiveSync and Exchange Support for Helio Ocean

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Helio is announcing Activesync support for the Ocean. The phone will then be able to sync calendars, email and contacts from an Exchange server. They're also doing a file viewer app that will view PDF, Word, Powerpoint and Excel docs. $10 a month for Helions with All-In service plans.


Wirelessly Sync Ocean with Microsoft® Office Outlook® Email, Calendar and Contacts

LOS ANGELES, CA - July 25, 2007 - Helio Ocean's expansive messaging capabilities just got more versatile with the launch of Mail for Microsoft Exchange. Adding to Ocean's already comprehensive messaging line-up including a single hub for all text messages, picture messages, Instant Messages and emails from the major portals and ISPs, Helio members can now mix business with pleasure through Mail for Microsoft Exchange. This new application lets users wirelessly synchronize Microsoft® Office Outlook® email, calendar and contacts from their companies' Microsoft® Exchange Server so they can use Ocean to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as staying on top of business.
"Ocean has already made staying in touch with friends easier than ever with the ultimate messaging dashboard for all email, IM, picture and text messages, something nobody has ever done before," said Doug Britt, Sr. Director of Content and Messaging Services at Helio. "Now we're bringing the business user into the fold with the addition of corporate email, calendar and contacts, all from the same great messaging interface. Combined, this solidifies Ocean as an ideal device for keeping in touch with friends, family and business associates."

Business + Pleasure
Mail for Microsoft Exchange is Helio's new downloadable client that uses the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® protocol to let users remotely synchronize and access business email, contacts and calendar data from their corporate Exchange Server. Ocean users can wirelessly download Mail for Microsoft Exchange to their device and after a brief set up, send and receive email, create and send calendar appointments and access corporate contact lists. Once Mail for Microsoft Exchange is downloaded, it is also easily accessible through Ocean's messaging home screen aside the full suite of Ocean's messaging capabilities.

Helio will also soon launch Helio File Viewer in conjunction with Mail for Microsoft Exchange. When available, Helio File Viewer will allow users to view documents including .doc, .ppt, .xls, and .pdf files.


I just signed up for it, and no, my work's not paying for it, I didn't even ask. I think it steep, but it's worth it for me. There's a 2-month free trial on it, so I can make sure it does what I want. It's worth $10/mo to me just to get meeting reminders on my phone, and not have to sync manually like I did with my SonyEricsson. Push email will just be a bonus.