Acu-Point Pen: Healing Magic

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The Acu-Point Pen is a $100 device that uses what its maker calls "specially designed electronic acupuncture probes" which do their best to simulate traditional acupuncture treatments. We're thinking that if you're going to employ a quack method of treatment such as acupuncture that doesn't really work, it would be more fun to have it not work via a gadget rather than those painful pin pricks. Plus, its LCD screen not only shows you how much better you're feeling, it claims to be able to detect problems with your health.

One thing's for certain: the Acu-Point Pen can't detect problems with your mind for buying such a thing. This looks to us like another device that's designed to separate the victims of various aches, pains and worries from their money. Just like traditional acupuncture, if you believe it works there's a 50% chance that it will, at least for a while. What's that? You think this will work? I have some $150 HDMI cables to sell you.


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