Adam West And Burt Ward Will Star In An Animated 1966-Style Batman Movie

After a wonderful return on Blu-ray the Bat-buzz around the 1966 Batman TV series has been unstoppable. And now it's coming back, but in animated movie form.


Both Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) will be reprising their roles for an animated movie based on the 1966 series. While attending a convention, both West and Ward broke the news that the movie would coincide with the show's 50th anniversary in 2016.

Spotted via Mad Monster, here's the full clip:

This is wonderful! We cannot wait. No other details are available, but this is still sensational.



I wish some one would have done this with the original star trek cast before Deforest Kelly passed away. modern animation paired with some of these older genre shows is such a cool idea. I just hope that they tell a really good story that is in keeping with the style of the old show. Or do something like the 5 doctors on Doctor Who and bring in Kevin Conroy, Michael Keaton, and as many who have voiced Batman and have a cross dimensional rift that it is up to Adam West and Burt Ward's version to solve, so they are passing through the dimensions meeting other Batmen.