Add a DSLR to Your Nintendo DS

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Nobody is going to share the murky photos from the DSi's integrated camera, so why not hack a classic DS to become a controller for a dSLR?


HDRLabs has posted a very detailed, easy-to-follow tutorial on loading their free, dSLR controlling software suite onto a Nintendo DS to control a Canon 30D-50D, 5D and 5D Mark II, Casio EX-FX1, Olympus E-P1 and Sigma DSLRs. With it, you'll be able to take photos with noise recognition, advanced timelapse functions and the option to bracket a shot at 11 levels (rather than Canon's default of 3).

There's just one catch: you'll have to build your own, Rube Goldberg-gutted connection cable to connect the DS to your camera consisting of a camera release and one WarioWare: Twisted cartridge. And you'll need to sacrifice a goat. [HDRLabs via Pocket-Lint via Electronista via CrunchGear]

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That's just great. Where the hell am I going to find a goat?