Add Up to 2TB of Storage to Your Apple TV

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Apple TV can now be "user configured" with up to 2 terabytes of external storage via a hack waking up its USB 2.0 port. Really. We posted simplified instructions last Saturday at 3:38 a.m. . You were probably drunk by then. We were too. Celebrating. [Gizmodo]




doctorSpoc, your analysis may be incomplete. My old PC and my new Macs are not co-located with the TV connected to the Apple TV. Running firewire through the walls and radiant heat system is cost prohibitive. Connecting a large hard drive behind the TV would be very convenient in a number of ways. Using the USB port would keep me from having to wirelessly stream everything, which takes resources away from the family members not wishing to to watch Barbies in Flutterfield for the 13th time. While there may be insufficient data to determine the validity of your estimate of the previous posters IQ, I find your limited approach to the problem illogical. My hat is off to those smart enough to improve the lot of us real idiots.