Adjustable Measuring Cups are Less Artsy, More Awesome

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This is the latest gadget that will soon be gracing my kitchen. Ditch the stackable measuring cups and spoons, this is truly the only device you need for measurement. Slide the knob and the cup part will adjust to your desired measurement. The bigger of the two can measure up to half of a cup and the smaller one can do everything below two tablespoons.

They are also magnetic—so stick them anywhere: the fridge, stove, metal plate in your head, etc. They are available over at the MoMA Store for $33.

Product Page [Via SCI FI]

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It sounds like a great idea, but there's a problem. Do you have to wash it every time you need to measure more than one item that leaves part of itself on the measuring cup? I'd truly rather not be measuring my flour after having measured my cooking oil.

For $33, I could get a whole bunch of stackable measuring cups so I can cook all day long without needing to wash in-between. And if I really need to, I could rig up some sort of magnetic holding device.

But to be honest, who really wants their measuring cups hanging on a refrigerator, getting dusty, getting in the way, being knocked off, and becoming the cat's new favorite toy?