Adorable dog balances 100 different fruits and vegetables on its head

This is so ridiculous that it's kind of fun. Maymo, the lemon beagle in the video, is so great at balancing things on his head that he can wear 100 different kinds of fruits and vegetables as hats. The more color, the better.

Maymo's YouTube channel writes:

Cute Dog Maymo balances 100 different fruits & vegetables on his head in 100 seconds. Taking hundreds of biscuits and four months to film (as well as some inspiration from Irish hat designer Philip Treacy), here is the finished video of Maymo the lemon beagle balancing 100 colorful fruits & vegetables on his head. Some of the items are styled to look like hats and others to look downright ridiculous on Maymo, who waits patiently for his biscuit which dangles just slightly off camera.


I love the cold stare when broccoli is stuck to his head though.

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We can't post images any more, so I'll paint you a word picture of a Gary Larson cartoon: A man is balancing a dog biscuit on his dog's nose, saying "Now blanace it until I say... Don't Move... easy... easy... dooooon't moooove... " The dog is thinking: "This is it... I'm going to kill him."…