Adorable Kitten Mysteriously Appears Inside Tesla Bumper

Screengrab: YouTube/S U

Imagine you’re this guy. You wake up on a Saturday morning, and your Tesla is meowing. You do not have a cat. But there is definitely a cat inside of your car’s bumper. What do you do? Make a YouTube video, obviously.

This is a true story. YouTube user “S U” woke up on a Saturday morning, and his Tesla Model X was meowing. He does not have a cat, but (as the video he later uploaded to the internet quite clearly shows) there was definitely a cat inside his car’s bumper. He recorded a video as proof—and guaranteed viral internet success—and then took the car to the Tesla service station, where a Tesla professional removed an adorable kitten from the chassis.

It’s unclear how the cat got there. Because Elon Musk tweeted about the incident, however, it seems entirely possible that the Tesla founder is somehow behind it. After all, who wouldn’t want an environmentally friendly electric vehicle that also spawns kittens without warning?




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