Do you know what the most disappointing thing about being an adult is? It's not the slow metabolism or the achy joints or the plateau of growth, it's the fact that we're all failures to our childhood selves. We don't eat candy, we don't play with toys and we drive responsible vehicles. Not John Bitmead though, he's the type of full-fledged adult who wouldn't disappoint his childhood self because he made a street legal Little Tikes Car that can zoom up to 70mph.

It's a very impressive machine. Bitmead spent over 1000 hours and nearly $7000 building this out and he tried to stay as true as possible to the iconic Little Tikes Car, meaning there isn't any windows or windshield. BBC took the car for a spin and you can see that it drives pretty well. How do you think it compares to the toy car?


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