Adventure Time Boots Give Your Feet Some Totally Mathematical Style

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Sure, there are a zillion licensed Finn's hats out there that you could wear to show off your love of Adventure Time, but these new, officially licensed Boots are way cooler than any hat. I mean look at them: it's literal Finns and Jakes for your feet.

The new boots are the result of a collaboration between UK based footwear makers Dr. Martens and Cartoon Network, and come in three kinds available in both men and women's sizes. First up are the wonderfully bright character shoes based on Finn and Jake that you can see above (thankfully they're not bizarro mix-and-match pairs, but hey, you can buy both and do that if you want!):


But if you're not a fan of wearing cartoon characters personified over your boots, there's a more restrained pair - well, restrained for boots plastered in Adventure Time characters - featuring Finn and Jake hanging out on a Jake-ified boot:



Interested in purchasing a pair? You can preorder them at Solestruck at $150 a pair, and they'll be available at Dr. Martens stores and online from March 3rd. Marceline boots next please, guys.


[via Laughing Squid]

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