Aereo to Add Chromecast Support for Ultimate TV Nerd Nirvana

What do you get when you combine Aereo's anytime, anywhere, broadcast-TV-via-internet cloud service with Google's Chromecast wonder-dongle? A confluence of TV gizmo delight—and that's exactly what Aereo announced today.

If you happen to live in one of the cities that supports Aereo, and you're a proud Chromecast owner, starting on May 29th you'll be able to use Aereo's Android app to record and cast broadcast TV via Chromecast. Yes, the segment of the population that uses both Aereo and Chromecast is probably very small (right now, Aereo only reaches the bigger cities in the eastern and midwestern parts of the U.S.). But for that little subset, this is some seriously good TV news.


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