Aereo's Cloud DVR Pricing Is Now Simpler (But Not Necessarily Better)

Aereo's embattled cloud-based DVR service for network television is getting an updated pricing structure on May 15th. The options will be trimmed from the previous 5-tier structure down to just two plans. Sure, that should be easier for people to understand, but the rejiggered structure makes the cheaper monthly plan far less attractive.


Now there are just two monthly plans that cost $8 and $12 like before. The differences are these: The $8, 20-hour plan only lets you record on channel at a time now, instead of two. As for the $12 plan, it gets a bump to a 60-hour DVR from 40 hours before.

In other words, if you're interested in Aereo, you've got more incentive to upgrade to the more expensive plan now. They've gotta pay for that legal defense somehow!

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