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After Seeing This, I'm Never Whining About My Computer Freezing Again

Illustration for article titled After Seeing This, Im Never Whining About My Computer Freezing Again

Earlier I stared helplessly at my computer, eyes filling with frustrated tears as I desperately wiggled the mouse, hoping for something to move on the screen. Yes, my computer froze. But I won't complain about it after seeing this photo.


Now I'll just be happy that my frozen screen only required a restart and not a defrosting. [Thanks, Josh!]

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A computer I had made 3 years ago froze one day. I tried to turn if off and got electricuted. The whole casing had electric. So I quickly pulled out my mp3 player but the screen was all black..probably short circuited. The wires at the back were also starting to melt. I have never tried to built my own computer ever since.