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Aiko Gets Us Pervs Closer to Perfect Sex Dolls (NFSW)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Le Trung doesn't like women. Like Zoltan's Alice, the love of his life is actually made of latex, sensors, and pseudo-artificial intelligence software. Unlike Alice, however, she actually is sexy.


A plastic woman, but a woman. Aiko is her name and, according to the 33-yo Le Trung, it costed him almost $21,000 so far. The son of Zoltan, however, is not in this for the sex. He just wants the perfect companion, one that is available 24/7 and never complains.

I want to make her look, feel and act as human as possible so she can be the perfect companion. So far she can understand and speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese, so she's already fairly intelligent. When I need to do my accounts, Aiko does all the maths. She is very patient and never complains.


Besting Zoltan crude blow-up doll, however, Aiko has touch sensors on her face and body, so she can react if touched: "Like a real female she will react to being touched in certain ways. If you grab or squeeze too hard she will try to slap you. She has all senses except for smell."

He also says that "her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm and reacting to touch as if she is playing hard to get or being straight to the point." To add to the realism of having a real woman in his life, Le Trung has maxed out all this credit cards, taking loans, and even sold his car for her.

I'll say no more. [The Sun]

Added the NSFW because, apparently, listening to "lick my boots" made some people nervous.