Ain't No Poodle Skirt Like a K-9 Poodle Skirt

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'Cuz a K-9 Poodle Skirt's got a ROBOTIC DOG ON IT.

When Sabrina (above) needed a poodle skirt for an upcoming sock hop dance, her parents (and fellow Whovians), Denise and James, decided to surprise her with a twist on the classic, wide-swing attire.

"We found an image of K-9 on the internet that we thought would be pretty easy to recreate and cut out," James tells io9. "I redrew it to the size we needed, and Denise did all the hard work."

James says the dress is primarily for Sabrina's dance, but that it's sure to see some use at their local con next year. "Sabrina LOVES Doctor Who," he says. "Matt Smith is her favorite, but she's kind of digging the classics, as well."


Photo used by kind permission of Sabrina, Denise and James.

H/t /r/doctorwho