Air Board Personal Hovercraft Offers Opportunities for Embarrassment

Illustration for article titled Air Board Personal Hovercraft Offers Opportunities for Embarrassment

The Air Board personal hovercraft is the latest in a long lineage of novelty transportation devices that are as ridiculous as they are expensive. Just don't think about trying to float this $14,000 punch-line to the beach.

Yes, for a mere $14,000 and a good bit of dignity, the Air Board will zip you along concrete, asphalt or grass at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour on a 20 centimeter buffer of air. Hovering over water, sand, stones, or dirt-filled areas, however, is impossible due to the vacuum mechanism by which the Air Board hovers. Should probably scratch grass off the "can-hover" list then. That leaves you with drive ways and skateparks where you can be ridiculed by your own kids or someone else's. The 1.3 gallon gas capacity is only good for one hour of hovering, so it'll all be over before you know it. Probably for the better. [Likecool]

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umm... wait... a hovercraft that can't actually HOVER over anything? That does officially qualify as a total fail of a project. If the mythbusters can make a semi-hovercraft out of a few hundred dollars worth of gardening equipment (and they definitely weren't the first or last people to do it either) than $140k better buy something that can at least hit the water....

Oh... and didn't some people in england recently build a human powered hovercraft that could in fact go over water? #hovercrafts