Air Hockey for iPhone Sadly Doesn't Use Air

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Today's iApp-a-Day brought iPhone users a surprisingly fun game, Air Hockey. This 2-player game takes advantage of the multi-touch display by having the player's finger control their air hockey mallet. The game can be a bit buggy at times, especially when your mallet goes out of control and hits the puck into a million different directions, but overall it's an awesome game when you have a partner to play with. To use, iPhone users must jailbreak their phones to get, which will then allow them to install iApp-a-Day. [Instructions]

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@Maark: Doesn't it? Most iPhone apps are "cool" but not terribly useful. Unless you want to play Solitaire, listen to 1 minute of a random shuffle of songs for an hour, make your friends giggle at your Steve Jobs bobblehead, or create a To-Do list that you can't sync to anything.

There are a lot more (useful) apps out there for Windows Mobile, I am pretty sure of it.