Airlines Are Beginning To Encourage Cuddling During Long Flights

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Air New Zealand is beginning to offer what has been dubbed "cuddle class" seating. Basically it means that you and your snuggle-bunny will be able to snooze very comfortably after purchasing a row of seats that convert into a bed.


Naturally such seating will be only available on select flights and will come with an extra charge:

The upgraded seating configuration, to be fitted in the carrier's new fleet of Boeing 777-300 aircraft, will cost the price of two standard economy seats plus half-price for the third seat in the row.

Additionally, the airline requests that you do keep your clothes on while snuggling. [AOL News]



I don't know. I think I would rather just fly military still for all my long distance flights. Sure, flying C-130 may take us three days to get to where we are going. However we get to stop in cool places like Crete and Scotland and stay the night in one of the towns.

Just more cozy to me. May be loud, but the drone just helps you sleep.

These were taken as we were getting near Crete. We weren't allowed to wear our uniforms in the town we were staying in for the night, so they had us change into civies.