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Powerful and pretty, the AJP D900T-X will blow most laptops away with it's masssively powerful specs. It's got a NVidea Go 7800 GTX GPU, 3.8 GHz Intel P4 and support for 2.8GB of RAM. And don't forget the 100GB 7200 RPM hard drive. Throw in a massive 17-inch screen and I'm impressed. Ok, but do we get a side of fries with that? Sure, and Bluettoth, WiFi and dual layer DVD re-writer. And if you're game you can go for the optional TV tuner with remote. Of course, this laptop isn't exactly light at 5.2 kg, but if it's a desktop replacement and occasional travel partner, it could be a perfect match.

AJP Debuts WUXGA 7800 GTX Notebook [TrstedReviews]