Here's what you've been waiting for, folks: the world's first inflatable furry chair. Thanks to AK Design, you can get your hands on the AK Creature, a sexy-looking chair that's sure to make you the coolest kid in the dorms this semester. It weighs about seven pounds and comes in three colors, all of which have just the funnest names ever: mammoth, primate and yet, or, brown, black and white.

If you're concerned about where the fur comes fun, don't be: it's just faux fur (and faux leather), and not viciously torn off the backs of wild animals.


The Primate can be found in brick-and-mortar Best Buy stores for $129 while the other two can be found at Best Buy's Web site for the same price. Thank you, Best Buy, for jacking up the price by $30 from what AK Design says they should retail for.

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