Alex Ross' Star Wars #1 cover is a beautiful tribute to Marvel's past

Marvel takes over Star Wars comics next year with the release of its new ongoing series, and naturally there's a lot of variant covers planned for issue one - we've already seen Joe Quesada's jam-packed cover, but Alex Ross' is a truly special bit of art.


Entertainment Weekly unveiled the cover this past Monday - check it out in its full glory below:

If you know your Star Wars history, it should be a very familiar sight:


2015 isn't the first time Marvel have dabbled with Star Wars comics - they ran a series based on 'The greatest Space-Fantasy Film of all' from 1977 to 1986, adapting the original trilogy as well as playing host to a whole trove of original adventures in a Galaxy far, far away. Now Ross has paid fitting tribute to that legacy by emulating the cover drawn by Howard Chaykin for 1977's Star Wars #1.

Marvel's ongoing Star Wars series hits shelves in January 2015.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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