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Alice's iPhone App Lets You Shop From the Lil' Girls Room

Illustration for article titled Alices iPhone App Lets You Shop From the Lil Girls Room

Thanks for making an iPhone app, Alice. Now I can finally excuse my bathroom iPhone usage with "Uh, I'm just ordering toilet paper. It should ship by tomorrow." Whether the associated service is decent or not, the app is awesome.


The Alice app is basically a repackaging of online shopping service Alice. The basic concept is that you can order the random household stuff generally not stocked by most online retailers—toothpaste, trash bags, feminine care products—and get them shipped right to your door. Sounds like most of the grocery-shipping services we've heard of in the past, but it was about time that someone made a decent, snappy app for it.

I haven't tested out the service—only the app and how well it works—so your mileage may vary. That said, the Alice app and the registration required to use it are free. The excuse gained from them is freakin' priceless though. [Itunes]

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Gordonium has W blue sky lives

Wait, I'm confused... Why does a person need an excuse to use their iPhone in the bathroom? Talking (in a public restroom) is one thing, but just using it? Am I missing something here?