Alienware Aurora mALX and m9700

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Alienware appears unfettered by its recent assimilation into dorktastic PCmeister Dell, blasting out two 64-bit AMD-packing monster notebooks with dual SLI graphics and MIMO connectivity the company says is faster than wired.

The star of the show is the mALX (pictured above) with its 19-inch screen and dual SLI cards with 512MB of total graphics memory. It's got two 120GB hard drives in a RAID configuration, but the thing's not exactly a lightweight. Also along for the ride is MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) connectivity, WiFi technology that uses multiple antennas strapped together for the wireless equivalent of extreme multitasking. The 17-inch m9700 starts at $2000, while the 19-inch mALX will run $4500 or higher depending on configuration.

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