All Hail the Awkward World Order

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Attention, citizens! This is how we live now: constantly playing with our phones to avoid human contact, forsaking all else in the name of our smartphone gods. Which, honestly, how else am I gonna up my Doodle Jump score?


The sign comes from Burning Books, an "artist-run, weirdness-driven organization" that produces/publishes the kind of art/books you pretend to get when you're at fancy parties. One of their projects, a series of naughty-by-varying-degrees posters collectively called "Avoid Eye Contact," produced the gem above. And just because they mean it ironically doesn't mean I have to. [Burning Books via Reddit via The Daily What]



Sometimes I'll just randomly pull my phone out, look at it and think "I know there's something I should be doing this right now" and then put it away after a minute or two. It's like the equivalent of walking into a room to do something and then forgetting what you came in to do.

It drives my wife nuts. Understandably of course. I was just on a cruise this past week and nearly died of iphone withdrawal.