All of T-Mobile's New Phones Will Have Free Wi-Fi Calls and Texts

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T-Mo's CEO John Legere, attired in his traditional pink and black garb, took the stage in a San Francisco mobile store and immediately started down his long list of carrier bashing before announcing his company's seventh addition to its ongoing Uncarrier. Now, every phone T-Mobile sells will come with Wi-Fi calling and texting.


T-Mobile is calling it Wi-Fi Unleashed, and new smartphones will all come with Wi-Fi texting and calling baked in, and if current customers want to be part of the action, the carrier is opening an exclusive window in its Jump program even if you're not ready for an upgrade. There's also no setup involved in using this service, according to T-Mobile, no apps or different IDs. Also, if you start a call on Wi-fi and then walk out of range, LTE will pick up the call seamlessly. Apple also mentioned its partnership with T-Mobile and Wi-Fi calling yesterday at its iPhone event, focusing on this very piece of tech.

T-Mo is also handing out what they're calling "Personal CellSpots," a router thats let users take advantage of Wi-Fi calling wherever you want. The device will be available for certain Simple Choice subscribers for free after a $25 refundable deposit. T-Mobile is also trying to keep you connected with unlimited texting on flight by partnering with Gogo, an in-flight connectivity service. You'll need a smartphones that are Gogo-enabled, which includes the Galaxy s5, HTC One M8, iPhone 5s, and LG G3 among others, and obviously an air carrier equipped with the service, but all of these added features are also free.

Legere says this means basically every single accessible WI-Fi spot is now a T-Mobile tower, and in other news also promised that T-Mobile will surpass Sprint and become the third biggest carrier in the U.S. by the end of 2014.



I'm really considering switching. They are the only ones who "pretend" to care about their customers lol