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All The Single (Legged) Ladies: If You Like It Then You Should Put a Machine Gun On It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Filmmaker Rob Spence, famed for his camera eyeball implant, is looking for an eligible young woman. Who's missing a leg. So he can give her a paintball machine gun. That she will attach to her leg.

Spence is working on a documentary about his "Eyeborg" project—turning a disability into a superpower—and wants to give this Grindhouse treatment to a willing woman. The chosen amputee will be fitted with a custom-built paintball leg, while Spence documents the process for his flick. If that somehow isn't awesome enough for you, the guinea pig will then proceed to "take out dozens of dudes in a paintball gun match filmed Robert Rodriguez style." Oh, and your leg must be "machine gun appropriate," which probably means looking like Cherry Darling is preferred. Really exploitative? Really cool? Both? [Eyeborg via Boing Boing]