All Things D: If You're Going, Let's Meet Up

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Hey, I'll be stopping by Kara Swisher and Mossy's All Things D conference in a week, and I was wondering who else is going? You know, journalists, and other mortals beside, uh, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Bill Gates, and Jeff Hawkins. Let's meet up.

It's going to be a big day for the tech world, news wise, and It'll be nice to see friendly faces while I report it. Yes, lots of news, and more importantly, it'll be a very high signal to noise ratio. Why? Because unlike CES and many other shows, the speakers are invite only, per Walt and Kara, with no input by the sponsors. And lots of them are holding news just for that day. I can feeeeel it.

And of course, there's the main event: The Steve and Bill show, which promises to be at least stimulating conversation between the proud geeks. Or something of a schoolyard tussle. Or extremely awkward and silent. I hope Mossy and Swisher force them to writhe under the pressure of 20,000 leagues of hard questioning. Like a squid assaulting an iron submarine. It would be a shame to have them up there together just for friendly chatter. But even that should be riveting.


Anyhow, if you're going, email me. Let's grab a drink and toast the Godfather for getting the two geek titans together on stage, or at least shake hands.

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Not to be picky, but a League is a measure distance and not depth, as you imply. Fathom would have been appropriate but, of course, that lacks any allusionary power, now does it?

Showoff. Geez, who invites these smart guys to comment, anyway? :)

Wish I was going to watch the clash of the titans and, more importantly, to buy you an adult libration, Brian. Hopefully the good word I put in for you with Mr. Jobs will pay off, but considering I never got a reply to my email, I wouldn't count on it.