Is Apple Going to Pull Google Off the iPhone? (Not Yet)

"No," says El Jobso, when asked by Kara Swisher at D8 if Apple is going to pull Google off the iPhone, given the competition that's erupted between them.

He also said "we have no plans to go into the search business," when pressed by Walt Mossberg regarding Apple's acquisition of Siri—which Walt says is a search company, though Steve says it's an AI company.


Of course, Steve Jobs also said "people don't read anymore" just a couple of years before launching iBooks, and that doesn't mean they can't make Bing the default search option. [Engadget]

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Apple won't enter the search business until they enter the search business.

Steve is, as always, coy about future plans...but I know it's gotta be burning him up to have Google step on his toes and he can't really do a damn thing about it.