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All You Need Is Glue, a Knife, and Mad Soldering Skills to Build Your Own Cardboard Camera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you tired of paying the outrageous markups that camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon are asking for their hardware? Fight back with Coralie Gourguechon's open source Craft Camera that comes with some—actually all—assembly required.

You can download the schematics here, and from there you'll just need an Arduino and other miscellaneous hardware outlined in the instructions. Coralie worked with both hardware and graphic designers so the final results don't look like they were hacked together in someone's basement workshop. The Craft Camera actually looks like a lovely alternative to a real digital camera, as long as you don't mind everyone accusing you of being a hipster while you're out shooting with it. And as for its warranty, since you built it, if you break it you're also going to have to be the one to fix it.


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