Amazing Arcade Flight Simulator Spins Players Completely Upside-Down

The arcades that dominated the 1980s and 1990s slowly died off as home video game consoles became more and more capable, but there are apparently still some good reasons to keep a pocket full of quarters handy. Namely this arcade simulator for a game called War Thunder that puts Afterburner to shame.

Most arcade simulators bounce you around with a little bit of movement, but this one spins passengers completely upside-down to the point where they have to strap into the game so they don't fall out. It's almost something you'd expect the Air Force to employ, but thankfully you don't need to enlist to take it for a spin. [YouTube via Slorum]



I seem to recall something like this existing back in the day when arcades were still king...I wish I could remember what it was called, but I seem to remember it being very spherical in its shape, and I seem to recall it being something stupid like 3 bucks per play (while the game was no longer than your average game of afterburner). I assumed it was the high cost that made it disappear since more or less everyone I knew did the same thing I did: played it once to say "wow thats cool" and then never again...