Amazingly Articulated Robot Hand: Skynet Meets Lego

This remarkably articulate robot hand was supposedly built by Lego enthusiast 'Barman' using two Mindstorms NXT control units, six motors, and some utterly brilliant engineering. But surely it's from more nefarious minds than that.


The build is almost too brilliant; it's not impossible to believe a human designed and built this impressive creation, but what's more plausible is that somewhere Skynet has already begun its master plan to build an army of cyborgs to wipe out humanity. But with the economy the way it is, and the rising prices of sophisticated metal alloys, it's decided to begin its conquest using Lego. And sure, these first plastic Terminators might be easy to smash to bits, but if you've ever stepped on a random piece of Lego, you'll realize how dangerous they can really be. [The NXT Step via Make]

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"Amazingly articulated"..,

... only if you're not paying attention to how it actually works. :-/

Each finger can't open independently. They all open in sequence.

Even if you wanted to, you couldn't make it point with only the index, flip-the-bird, or do a Vulcan hand-sign.