Amazon Fire TV Teardown: Rock Solid Guts But Expect Some Heat

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So, you have your eye on Amazon's shiny new $100 streaming box, which may just be the fastest smart TV you've ever met. But what lurks beneath its sleek exterior? Thanks to iFixit, you don't need to wonder any longer.

The guys have gotten hold of the new Fire TV streaming box and torn it right apart. Here are some of the highlights of what they found:

  • This thing gets hot. Amazon included a heatsink that fills most of the bottom case and it is packed with thermal paste, too.
  • Inside, though, it's remarkably simple: the whole shooting match sits on a single integrated board.
  • The controller is remarkably simple (read, boring?). Amazon isn't trying to set the gaming world alight here, just adding some extra features to its new device.
  • Fortunately, the batteries in the remote are simply normal replaceable ones. Praise be.
  • Many of the chips used across the board here have been used to great effect elsewhere, according to iFixit—the Moto X and Kindle Fire HDX 7, for instance. In other words, Amazon has chosen some of the best hardware it can at the price to power the device.
  • One last, weird, point: many of the components are tagged with RFID stickers. Presumably for inventory tracking, but still a little weird.

Overall, it scored a repairability rating of 6 out of 10—easy to take apart, but practically nothing you can do once you'd managed that. You can go read the whole thing over on iFixit. [iFixit]

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Arrived yesterday. Navigating the UI is fast. Video is smooth (as expected). The menuing seams well laid out. The Netflix interface is reasonable. It's a large improvement over a Roku for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. We don't use much else on our Roku.

We use an AppleTV for Netflix as well, and much in the way of iTunes content. Navigating the UI is significantly faster on the FireTV than the AppleTV. I'm hoping for an AppleTV update to bring similar speed updates, and a home button.

Next step will be to automate it with Control 4. That may be "fun".