Amazon Is Rebooting Sid & Marty Krofft's Sigmund And The Sea Monsters

Sweet Jesus. Amazon, which has clearly gone mad with their new ability to create their own content, has announced they'll be making a brand-new version of Sid and Marty Krofft's bizarre '70s children show Sigmund and the Sea Monsters... with the Kroffts themselves. Why? No man can say.


Sigmund was one of the Krofft's more popular live-action/puppet hybrid TV shows, but we can't even imagine what this new version might look like. Will Sigmund be a dude in a costume? Will he be CG? Will today's children be able to watch this show and still get to sleep at night without being wracked with nightmares of Sigmund's terrifying family rising from the ocean's depths like the Elder ones H.P. Lovecraft warned us about?



What we need is for someone to take the concept of Land of the Lost and redo it in a completely serious way with good special effects for the Sleestak. God I still remember the pylons that had the crystals in it that could control the weather. Then to find out the Sleestak had an evolutionary regression to become the mindless beings they were, when they used to be incredibly intelligent. That stuff blew my little mind way back then.