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Amazon Kindle Roundup

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Our Amazon Kindle coverage is crackling like the fires of knowledge or whatever Kindle refers to. Everything we've got on the so-called iPod of reading (or not):
Amazon Kindle Hands-On, Plus All Your Questions Answered
Giz Live at the Amazon Kindle Launch
Amazon Kindle Vs. Sony Reader Bitchfight
Video: How to Use Amazon Kindle
Kindle's EV-DO Whispernet Service Is Free
Official Details: $399, Whispernet EV-DO, the "iPod of Reading"


And all of the pre-release rumors and stuff:
More Leaked Details: Email, Newspaper Subscriptions, No Backlight
Kindle Arriving Next Week
Kindle Spec Rumors From 7 Months Ago
First Inklings of EV-DO
Everything else


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I really, really wanted to get one of these. I buy maybe sixty hardcovers a year, so it would pay for itself in no time.

But no go for Canadians. A quick call to Amazon's kindle support line, and I found out that, due to DRM issues, they'll only ship Kindles to US addresses for customers with US billing addresses. Same with Kindle e-books, apparently.

This sucks. I would even have been willing to do without the EV-DO support and just copy downloaded books via USB.

So, can anyone think of a way around this? I really want one of these ugly things, but I really don't want to run some kind of sneaky ebay end-run just to find out that I then can't load it with books.

Like I say, sucks.