Our Amazon Kindle coverage is crackling like the fires of knowledge or whatever Kindle refers to. Everything we've got on the so-called iPod of reading (or not):
•Amazon Kindle Hands-On, Plus All Your Questions Answered
•Giz Live at the Amazon Kindle Launch
•Amazon Kindle Vs. Sony Reader Bitchfight
•Video: How to Use Amazon Kindle
•Kindle's EV-DO Whispernet Service Is Free
•Official Details: $399, Whispernet EV-DO, the "iPod of Reading"


And all of the pre-release rumors and stuff:
•More Leaked Details: Email, Newspaper Subscriptions, No Backlight
•Kindle Arriving Next Week
•Kindle Spec Rumors From 7 Months Ago
•First Inklings of EV-DO
•Everything else