Amazon Lockers Now Do Returns, Too

Amazon lockers are amazingly convenient, and they just got a little bit better: the company has just rolled out a new service which allows to return unwanted purchases, too.


The Wall Street Journal reports that the new service is very similar to the pick-up one it already offers. For returns, Amazon sends you a code to open a specific cabinet in the locker where you can leave an unwanted item to be picked up by UPS or some other carrier. You get one day to drop the item off, and it has to be small enough to fit in the locker—so, less than one cubic foot.

Amazon appears to be charging the same rate for returns via lockers as for drop-offs at UPS sites. That seems slightly unfair—Amazon is presumably saving money this way, as UPS will be calling at the lockers anyway—but then, what price convenience? [WSJ]

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