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Josh Brolin Is Home on the Strange for His New Series Outer Range

The paranormal Western hits Amazon on April 15, and a new trailer gives us our best look yet.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A man dressed in cowboy attire strides toward a giant hole in the ground.
We’ve got a hole lotta questions about this.
Screenshot: YouTube

Between all the streaming services it can be hard to keep track of the deluge of new shows, especially if they’re not based on a familiar property. But Amazon’s Outer Range—starring Josh Brolin as a Wyoming rancher who discovers something very unusual in one of his pastures—is worth putting on your radar for sure.

This new trailer by way of Amazon UK builds on that first enigmatic teaser that arrived last month. The Yellowstone comparisons are going to be immediate with this one—family drama, cowboy drama, sweeping landscapes, lots of pensive brooding on horseback—but there are also some seriously supernatural vibes festering on the prairie. Also, there’s something very “yee-haw/X-Filesabout the way the title is styled, as you can see in this thumbnail:

Has “Angel of the Morning” ever sounded so cosmically apocalyptic? That new spot gives us a better sense of Brolin’s troubled protagonist, Royal Abbott, but it also reveals a lot of the rest of the cast, especially Lili Taylor (The Conjuring) as his wife, Imogen Poots (Vivarium, Black Christmas) as a mysterious woman who arrives in Wyoming with an even more mysterious purpose, and Will Patton (Halloween Kills) as a fellow rancher who takes a very keen interest in his neighbor’s land. Oh yeah, and maybe the most intriguing co-star of all: THAT GIANT HOLE. If anyone has the gravitas to ground such a wild-looking story, it’s definitely Brolin, who made us believe he was a deeply complex comic-book supervillain with purple skin, a giant chin, and a yen for jewels with surprising ease, then seamlessly shifted into I-will-defend-House-Atreides-to-the-death mode for Dune.


Outer Range—created by newcomer Brian Watkins, with a list of executive producers that includes Brolin and Brad Pitt—arrives on Amazon starting April 15.

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