Amazon Prime Video Mercifully Rolls Out Individual User Profiles Similar to Netflix

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Long-awaited support for individual user profiles has finally arrived on Amazon’s streaming TV service, Prime Video. This means the niche streaming interests of your partner or family members can be saved to their own profiles—meanwhile, you, reader, can continue to binge the original Unsolved Mysteries at your own uninterrupted pace.


An Amazon spokesperson told Gizmodo by email that Prime subscribers can now add up to six profiles for Prime Video, with one for the primary user on the account as well as up to five others (these profiles also support a Kids option). As with Netflix profiles, each individual user will be served their own content recommendations and Watchlist, and profiles will save series watch progress—an absolutely key feature for anyone also watching a series independently from anyone else in their household.

Amazon said that users will be able to create and manage their multi-user profiles from the Prime Video apps for iOS and Android as well as on newer Fire tablets, PS4, and on Fire TV. If you don’t immediately see the feature—it wasn’t immediately available for me as of Tuesday—the Amazon spokesperson said the rollout is happening in phases, and U.S. users should begin seeing the feature soon.

Multi-user Prime Video profiles are the latest feature rollout to a streaming service that’s introduced a number of sought-after tools for its platform recently. Last week, Prime Video also introduced a Watch Party tool for co-viewing with up to 100 other users in a chatroom-like theater setting that automatically syncs a stream for everyone who joins.

User-specific profiles are definitely one of the service’s most exciting additions recently, though, especially for those of us who prefer our recommendation streams remain specific to Robert Stack and other true crime creep-related content.


Prime video is kinda backwards when you compare it to Netflix.

- Different “videos” for 4k and HD versions of the same show. So when I was watching a show on two devices, I had to remember what episode I was on because the resume feature wouldn’t work since that was on the other version of the show.
- Ads for the same shows in between every episode
- Watching new seasons of shows half the time seems to start on first season
- There is a bug with streaming the audio from my FireStick to my Echo device, if I switch to the Echo during playback. It just stops playing audio all together. But this works fine on Kodi and Netflix.