Amazon Renews Invincible for 2 More Bloody Seasons

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It shouldn’t be a surprise. Robert Kirkman’s animated adaptation of his own 2003 comic has been even more popular and well-reviewed than its source material, thanks to its airing on Amazon Prime. Clearly, Amazon isn’t unaware of this fact, since it’s just renewed Invincible for not one but two more seasons.


The news comes just before the final episode of the first season premieres tomorrow, on April 30. This is all we know, although since comic certain events that happened in issue #11 are likely happening also in tomorrow’s finale, it’s highly unlikely that the show will use all of its source material in what will presumably be 16 additional episodes.

Personally, I’d go ahead and bet my money the show will make it past season three. There’s a reason the comic was so beloved, and it’s because Invincible has a great premise with compelling characters, which the show has improved upon with stronger plotting and more diversity. There’s nothing not to like about the series, unless you’re not a fan of extremely violent superhero stories—but if that’s the case, I’m assuming you stopped watching after the first episode.

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I started watching this show with zero previous exposure to the source material beyond being aware that it existed.

So I was very surprised when people started exploding into mist.