Amazon Wants to Ship You a Laborer to Install Your Purchases

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Amazon is always trying out new ideas: some work, others fail. Now the retailer is testing the idea of sending laborers to your house.


Geek Wire has spotted that Amazon is testing a service—just in the Seattle area for now—whereby a friendly guy turns up at your place to install a new TV mount in your home. It's hardly a new idea, but it's a radical one for an online retailer.


Currently, the service costs $275, which includes the cost of the TV mount itself and installation. No TV included, obviously. The work is actually carried out by a third party—in this case Bothell-based Home Entertainment Solutions—and the installation can obviously be reviewed like any other product on Amazon.

The barrier to rolling this out more widely is clearly one of verifying the installation team—but Amazon has made its system work with third-party sellers, and this isn't much different. While it might be a while before Bezos and co offer to come and install your new bathroom, it'll be interesting to see how the experiment shapes up. Would you use the service? [Geek Wire]

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In South Korea, this kind of service is fairly routine, and comes without cost.