Amazon Drops Monthly Prime Subscriptions After Just Two Weeks

Illustration for article titled Amazon Drops Monthly Prime Subscriptions After Just Two Weeks

Amazon has axed its new $8-per-month Prime subscription plan, which placed the retailer as a more direct competitor to Hulu and Netflix, after just a fortnight.

Speaking to All Things D, an Amazon spokesperson explained: "We regularly test new options for our customers. At this time, we've completed our test and are no longer signing up new customers for Amazon Prime monthly memberships."

Which means they didn't sell all that many, presumably. So, if you want free two-day shipping, instant media streaming and monthly Kindle book rentals, looks like you still have to pony up that big, one-off lump of $80. [All Things D]

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Too bad though. I was just about to sign up for it for the holidays and do almost all my shopping through Amazon. Guess I'll have to head to the stores after all this year. This seems like a very big missed opportunity for them over xmas. I'm sure a lot of people were waiting till after Thanksgiving to sign up like I was. I just dont have the cash on hand to drop for a year subscription right now, especially with having to do xmas shopping, I'd rather spend that money on my kids rather than free shipping. Oh well.