Amazon Will Sell You a Super Cheap Phone (At the Cost of Your Soul)


Amazon is offering pretty sweet new deal by which you can literally sell your eyeballs to the spirit of mobile advertising that lives under the sea—in exchange for a slightly cheaper phone.

For the small cost of putting targeted advertisements on the lock screen of your phone, Amazon is offering Prime members $50 off the Motorola Moto G the or BLU R1 HD. That makes the 16 GB Moto G just $150, and the 32 GB model $180. That’s quite cheap for a solid phone.


That said, targeted advertising on the lock screen is tough to stomach. The ads are reminiscent of the ads that Amazon serves onto Kindle lockscreens. The critical difference is that you stare at your phone a ton more than at your Kindle—just think about how many times you unlocked your phone between your house and work. Every time you look at that screen you’ll see an ad for the entire life cycle of the phone. That’s tough to stomach and honestly might not be worth the price savings.

If you don’t care about any of this, well then you’re golden. The Moto G is a legitimately great phone that gets the job done. Budget phones have made major progress when it comes to closing the gap between a flagship phone like the latest iPhone or Galaxy. They’re quite popular, too. As Wired points out, these phones often top the Amazon bestseller charts.

And maybe the best news is that Amazon is showing signs that it’s abandoned its ambitions to make a phone of its own. Remember the Fire Phone? More like dumpster fire. The only real purpose of an Amazon device is getting you more quickly to Amazon services. It’s probably best that Amazon leaves the phone part to manufacturers that are good at it.


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