Amazon's Gigantic Biodomes Have Been Endorsed By Seattle

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Amazon has somehow gained initial approval to build a huge series of greenhouses slap-bang in the middle of Seattle so it's employees need never leave work.

The 65,000 square-foot, 95-feet tall, five-floor biodome structure—set to contain offices, dining areas, and retail stores—will be nestled within the company's giant new campus, which will also include three office towers, all of which will be 70 storeys or more.


The biodome proposal has passed the regulatory questions posed by Seattle's design review board. Apparently, the board unanimously endorsed the plans, which means that the only thing standing in the way of its construction is the city's planning and development department. Sources have told the Verge that "the design is unlikely to be opposed."

There have been some design tweaks since the first proposal was shown off. Spiralling steel bar have been replaced with a new, "geometrically organic" pattern that the architects say are "visually lighter". It certainly still looks the business—should help keep employees at work longer, too! [Amazon/NBBJ ]


Image by NBBJ