American Express Honoring Price Protection For iPhones

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Like we mentioned in our posts yesterday, if you purchased an iPhone on a credit card with a price protection plan, you can call them up and see if they will honor their return policy protection with the iPhone price drop. In our case, we've personally confirmed that American Express is offering the drop. All you have to do is call their return number.


As long as you're under the 90 days that their plan covers (which is everybody right now), just call 800-297-8019 and tell them that you're inquiring about the iPhone price drop. They should know what you're talking about, since they've been getting so many calls the past two days. The service representative we spoke to was extremely nice, only asking for some details like when you purchased the phone, whether you bought it at an Apple store, and how much you paid for it.

The rep said it wasn't usually covered under their plan, but since they love their customers so much, they're going to honor it this time. And that's why we love American Express. [Amex]

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This article and its headline is somewhat misleading, and I believe American Express is being deliberately misleading about this too.

I have an AmEx platinum card. I called the number mentioned in this article and got a constant busy signal.

So I called the main AmEx customer service number and after their annoying voice menus, they passed me around until a human helpfully gave me another 800 number—which turned out to be Apple's 800 number...nice trick.

Undeterred, I called back and asked for American Express Purchase Protection, but was told that AmEx ended this program a year ago. Strike two.

So, I asked for the various protections the Platinum card comes with, and thought that perhaps Customer Protection could help me...and that's where I asked to be put through to. So, more voice menu hell and option this and press that later, I got a human being in that section. It's 800 322 1277, press 1 for English, then press 0.

The representative there took all my information as if this was a standard call, and then read out the following statement: "Purchase Protection applies to lost of stolen items. Merchants lowering the price are NOT included in this [emphasis is mine]. However, because you are a valued customer and because you purchased this with your American Express card, I will go ahead and set up a claim for you and an examiner will make the final decision." Mkay.

They are vague while talking with you and hide the "disclaimer" in misleading language like "you are covered" and "we value our customers" and quickly gloss over the fact that this is "not really covered" and then go on to take down more information like your day time cell phone number and confirm a few other bits and pieces, all the while giving you the impression that the check is in the mail.

I am not holding my breath for a refund in this manner...

BUT if my phone were to break by accident, or get stolen, I can get a full refund and then buy another one for $200 less.

American Express is stupid...surely they know that they are going to be hit with 100s of thousands of these claims unless they just go ahead and refund the difference? Why would anyone not do this? I can "honestly" have an accident or leave it somewhere where it will get stolen from and get the full amount refunded. I won't even have to lie.

I hope they do the smart, easy thing—but I am ready if they don't.